Splunk Enterprise AMI and Splunk aws Quickstart

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I have a CloudFormation stack for a splunk setup that I created using the AWS Splunk Quickstart from The quickstart uses a old version of the Splunk enterprise AMI. So i changed the AMI to the latest version (splunk_AMI_7.3.0_2019-06-03_05_00_24-7b65de6c-5006-4ca2-bd75-fdba95ae5d9d-ami-06388b0c8952b37fa.4 (ami-019ccf2f6bb16aecd) for eu-central-1)

But the new AMI does install the splunk files and data after launch using a ansible playbook, while the old ami did have everything setup and ready to go at launch.

This causes Problems with the UserData scripts that are used in the quickstart to configure the cluster. They fail because the files are missing.

mv $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/passwd $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/passwd.bak
mv: cannot stat ‘/opt/splunk/etc/passwd’: No such file or directory

You can reproduce this error by taking the quickstart cloudformation template, and changing the AMI to the latest Splunk AMI in your region.

How can I get the setup script from the Quickstart to work on the latest Splunk AMI?

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