Salesforce logs are missing



I have recently lost Salesforce logging . Its been working just fine and nothing was changed from Splunk side . I checkedthe salesforce sfdc object logs and found the following error

The response status=403 for request which url= and method=GET.
2020-05-28 15:56:29,903 +0000 log_level=INFO, pid=72666, tid=MainThread,, func_name=perform, code_line_no=533 | [stanza_name=report] Task=ListRecords need been terminated due to request response

Im not sure if the error code 403 means the password of the service account im using to call the API has changed/expired ( not aware of any changes here , in fact the user is able to login with no issues ) . I have also checked the account profile and verified that API is enabled

Could you please help ?


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