Palo Alto Network App for Splunk: No data showing in GlobalProtect dashboard and some other dashboards

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I am working on upgrading from an older version of the Palo Alto Network App for Splunk. I have installed the TA on all indexers and the APP/TA on the search head. Most of the dashboards are being populated with data, but the GlobalProtect dashboard has nothing. I am seeing info in the pan_logs for GlobalProtect, but I don't see any reference to GP in the Pan Firewall Data Model.

I see that the dashboard panels are making reference to:
datamodel="pan_firewall" WHERE nodename="log.system.globalprotect"

I've looked through the entire data model and don't see any reference to globalprotect.

Splunk Version Version: 7.2.0 Build: 8c86330ac18
Palo Alto Networks Add-on 6.2.0
Palo Alto Networks App for Splunk 6.2.0

Data being sent from firewalls to splunk via UDP input



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