How to disable the app icon background color in Splunkbase later on?

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In our inital release version 0.9.0 ( we intentionally adjusted the app navigation bar color according to the Splunk manual
When we realized that it doesn't look good in Splunk Enterprise 7.2.1, we changed the icon and removed the color to have a transparent background in version 0.9.1 - which in Splunk Enterprise works fine.
But in Splunkbase this is the current state on (even after cleaning the browser cache and using Chrome and Internet Explorer)
alt text

And the following is what I expected to happen, as I removed the color attribute from XML element in version 0.9.1 (I manipulated the HTML using Google Chrome Dev Tools to achieve this)
alt text

Changing version 0.9.0 to invisible didn't have any effect, so can I e.g. request the deletion of just version 0.9.0 to have 0.9.1 as initial version? Because I don't want a deletion of the whole add-on - unfortunately the id '4317' is already mentioned in the manuals of our main product.

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