How do you find a search that finds open windows locked-screen sessions?

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Trying to figure out a string to find open windows locked-screen sessions

Monitored all security events when doing a log on, full log-off and locked screen
4624 logon (type7 = logon from a locked screen)
4624 logon (type 2 = full logon when no active session running)

4634 = locked screen
4647 = full log off

4673 = privileged service called – this one is interesting, there is a 4673 heart beat on the machine that has a locked screen user session.

Doing the below

Index=winevents EventCode=4624 OR EventCode=4634
| transaction host startswith=EventCode=4624 endswith=EventCode=4634
| table what you want

Problem with the above — it finds the log-on and then locked screen events, but it isn't catching after that event. Then user logged on again, then fully logged out — so you see, every time someone did a log on and locked screen — even if they later logged in yet again and the legit logged off cleaning the situation.

This is where maybe that 4673 event ID is of value?

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