Compare results from yesterday to today


Hello Splunkers.

Yesterday I don't have events but today I have it.

For example:

Event aaa today exists 100 times but yesterday didn't exist
Event bbb today exists 80 times but yesterday didn't exist
Event ccc today exists 60 times but yesterday did exist 30 times
Event ddd today exists 40 times but yesterday didn't exist

I want make a search that alert all events that today exists but yesterday didn't exist I tried with subsearch and outter join but I didn't have results.

index = "ems" SS_ID =* EVENT_NBR=* | where _time <= relative_time(now(), "-2d@d") | stats count by SS_ID EVENT_NBR | join type=outter SS_ID EVENT_NBR [ index = "ems" | table SS_ID EVENT_NBR ]

Additionally alert events that exists more than 60 times (Event aaa, event bbb in this case).

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