you are using hostname:8000, which is connected to splunkd @000 at


500 Internal Server Error

You are using {myhostname}:8000, which is connected to splunkd @000 at on Wed Apr 20

I checked with the file if it is in running root.
It would be helpful

Any idea how to resolve it would be helpful

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Hi @chaitali_1994 ,
Have you tried "disableDefaultPort = false" in server.conf file?

you can also refer to the below answer on the similar issue:-


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What does it mean "using {myhostname}:8000 connected to splunkd @000 at "? Is it a universal forwarder or Splunk enterprise?

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I tried to login to splunk interface and I got an error:

500 Internal Server Error
Return to Splunk home page

View more information about your request (request ID = ***) in Search

And at the end :

You are using :8000, which is connected to splunkd @000 at https://:8089 on

To answer to your question , its splunk enterprise which I have configured as heavy forwarder

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