user-seed.conf - does the file disappear after use?


We have utilized the user-seed.conf correctly and it worked fine a couple months ago but we just noticed that the user-seed.conf file has disappeared. In reading the documentation it states "Use this file to create an initial login." so we are guessing its a sort of one-time use file and is removed. We want to have the file stay around longer so we can integrate it into scripts so the plan is to just put the contents into another file that will not disappear.

Q: Is or does the user-seed.conf disappear after use?


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Re: user-seed.conf - does the file disappear after use?


Yes, user-seed.conf disappears after it is used.

If you want to create a script that uses it, one option is to output the text file from the script into the correct location as part of the script, containing a hashed password.

We use Ansible in our environment, and push a templated user-seed.conf, but a script or other config management tool should do the same..

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