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Hi ,

ERROR UiAuth - user= action=login status=failure reason=sso-failed useragent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windowxxxxxxxx64; x64) AppleWxxxxxxxxML, like Gecko) Chrome/64.0.3282.137.36" clientip=10.2xxx6
action = login host = xxx SHC index = _internal message = user= action=login status=failure reason=sso-failed useraxxxxxindows NT 6.1; WinxxxxxKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/64.0.3282.186 Safari/537.36" clientip=10xxxx8.6 reason = sso-failed

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Hi @shraddhamuduli

Please go through this splunk answer & give it a try


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I am facing same issue, Is there any pointers on this issue?

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It seems the person who opened this issue didn't provide feedback on the answers posted. Have you opened a support case if it's not working as documented?

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