splunk won't start with error Warning: cannot create "/opt/splunk/etc/licenses/enterprise"


Hi I have splunk installed and can access everything in the terminal. I got to the ./splunk start part, and after reading through the licensing agreement, I get this:

Warning: cannot create "/opt/splunk/etc/licenses/enterprise"

Nothing happens after that. Any help here?

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Are you trying to execute ./splunk start from the right path?
 It seems like a permission issue or you are trying to start services of Splunk from low user privileges.

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Warning: cannot create "/opt/splunk/etc/licenses/enterprise"

So, Splunk was not able to "create" the file.. Splunk user should have correct access to the /opt/splunk directory. 

please reply us the "ls -l /opt/" so that we can have a look about the /opt/splunk directory permissions.

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may be permission issues.

If this helps, give a like below.
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