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The initial splunk version we had was 4.0.x, we recently upgraded to 4.1.3 , since then our nagios alerts for splunk have started showing up, we use LDAP in our splunk base,

the hardcoded command used in nrpe.cfg for nagios is

./check_splunk search -u 'username' -p passwd -c 2 -w 1 'sourcetype="CFApplicationLog" startminutesago=5 | regex _raw=Application Initialized'

We are now receiving 'Unable to search splunk' alert for this

is check_splunk plugin for nagios still valid for this version of splunk

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi rvenkatesh, please take a look at this post as it addresses your questions and problems with the old Nagios-Splunk plugin:

Are there any plans to resurrect the Nagios check_splunk plugin?


Yes, Splunk for Nagios works on any 4.x release of Splunk. I am the developer of the app so please keep me posted with your progress 🙂

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Would this Nagios app be operational for Splunk 4.1.3 ?

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