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Hi folks,
I am using a forwarder/receiver model
I want to audit details to report security breaches in a fatwire system
In order to do that i want to know the details such as
1)Who logged in a CMS fatwire system
2)What time he logged in
3)What are the events he is performing
4)Report security breaches


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I'm sorry, but you need to supply a little bit more info before anyone can help you with specific searches.

1) First, you need to look at your log data to determine which event signifies a login.

2) Then you have to verify that the timestamps are correct, i.e. showing correct time in an acceptable format.

3) Verify that user actions are logged properly, e.g. events should at least contain UserID, Operation, Object being operated upon, Success/Fail status.

4) Get logs into Splunk.

5) Create searches and reports for auditing system use.

When you've done 1-4, you can get help with 5.


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