splunk app for tripwire enterprise ?


I want to integrate tripwire enterprise with splunk,anyone have the splunk app for tripwire enterprise ?
thank you !

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I am getting error when trying to configure the tripwire app- Encountered the following error while trying to update: In handler 'localapps': Error while posting to url=/servicesNS/nobody/te/te_data/te_endpoint/te_parameters

Tripwire Listening Port (not sure what it is, but I set it to default listening port that's open in splunk)
Enter the port that Splunk should listen for data 9997

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Try editing the te_setup Config file directly. I too got the same error the first time I set it up but was able to get around it by editing the config file directly and restarting Splunk. My stanza looks something like this:

data_location = <Location where Data is to be written on local host>
listening_port = <TE Enterprise Console Port>
te_pass = <TE Enterprise Console Password>
te_username = <TE Enterprise Console Username>
use_forwarder_bool = 1
workflow_host = <IP Address>

I'm using a Heavy Forwarder to pull my data in which is why you see the 'use_forwarder_bool=1'.

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you should post a new question with your problem and a more detailed description of your configuration, etc.

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please specify which details will be helpful

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Hot off the presses!

1.0 version.

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