setup.xml: still magic for beginners - how can I realize an "I agree" confirmation?


we have two problems with setting up a setup.xml file:

1) actually we want to use the setup.xml file to just inform the user with
an info text.
obviously, since we don't request any user input, splunk does not provide any
"save" button, and thus also does not allow the app to properly maintain the
"is_configured" control (app.conf). this is either a bug or feature.

2) then we tried to realize a simple "I agree" confirmation, nothing more.

NOW we are simply unable to easily find proper "endpoint" and "entity" and "field"
specifications for being used within the "<block> ..." part.

is there any reference or easy readable list to get the default "endpoint" in order to
access the diverse xxx.conf files, such as "app.conf". and it's completely unclear where any own xxx.conf
file needs to reside in order to access it with any already existing (default)
endpoint. we don't want to establish the need to change the restapi conf file
or similar, but place it in a standard app-specific sub-dir.

many thanks for your help.


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Re: setup.xml: still magic for beginners - how can I realize an "I agree" confirmation?


Magic, surely you've discovered, abounds in voluminous accreditation within the bowels of Splunk. The functionality you seek, it doth exist! HARK! Hear and listen unto me, and we shall learn of potions and salves complete to make your day eternal!

Firstly, place this such configuration unto your setup.xml.

                <block title="Welcome to My App">
                    <text><![CDATA[This is intro Text.

                <block title="User Acceptance" endpoint="configs/conf-app">
                   <input entity="install" field="is_agreed">
                       <label> I Agree</label>

And LO! An Acceptance Page! Upon clicking the box, and clicking Save, Thine most holy app shall be configured!

Now then, to check upon the worthiness of thine user, execute such search!

| rest /services/apps/local/<app_name>/setup | table title /configs/conf-app/install/is_agreed

  title    /configs/conf-app/install/is_agreed
---------- -----------------------------------
<app_name>                                   1

If thine table thus shows 1, you have an agreeance! From here, we shall embark on a lustrous journey towards that which is now known as setupXml, and we SHALL return glorious!