settings to configure hunk for Hive ORC table

Hi Team,
Please help us in configuring hadoop provider/virtual index so that we can map it on hive orc table. we are able to search on simple/text table however when we give path of orc table it show output in some unreadable format.

Pawan Tiwari

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

For any hive formats other than text, you need to specify fileformat property. So in your case:

vix.input.1.splitter.hive.fileformat = orc

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

If you have access to the Metastore URI, it should look similar to this example

In the Provider add these two flags: = HiveSplitGenerator
vix.hive.metastore.uris = thrift://sandbox:9083 (you can find the value in hive-site.xml)

In the Virtual Index you will need to point to the actual ORC file, DB Name, Table Name:
vix.input.1.path = /apps/hive/warehouse/employees_orc
vix.provider = HiveHDPProvider
vix.input.1.splitter.hive.dbname = default
vix.input.1.splitter.hive.tablename = employees_rc

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