sendemail - External search command 'sendemail' returned error code 1


Hi ..

I have a special alerts app which is used to generate email alerts..Now in this app i have customized the default file to and placed in bin folder fo myalerts app.

Now added the commands.conf in my "myalerts" app to point the sendemail command to my local customized file..

// commands.conf settings

filename =
streaming = false
inpreview = false
passauth = true
fields =
changescolorder = false
rawargs = true

Now when i try to run the following sendemail command in my "myalerts" app . i.e

index="*"|sendemail to="" format=html subject=myresults  sendresults=true

it is throwing me the following error ..

External search command 'sendemail' returned error code 1

Can anyone pls help..? Searched all the answers but couldnt find the solution..


# Copyright (C) 2005-2011 Splunk Inc. All Rights Reserved.  Version 4.0
import re,sys,time,logging,splunk.Intersplunk, splunk.mining.dcutils as dcu
import smtplib, sys, StringIO, base64, os, socket, urllib, urllib2, urlparse, ssl
from xml.sax import saxutils
import cStringIO, csv
from email.mime.multipart import MIMEMultipart
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
from email.mime.base import MIMEBase
from email.mime.application import MIMEApplication
from email.header import Header

import as search
import splunk.entity as entity
import splunk.clilib.cli_common as cli_common
from splunk.util import setSSLWrapProtocol


importanceMap = {
    "highest": "1 (Highest)",
    "high"   : "2 (High)",
    "low"    : "4 (Low)",
    "lowest" : "5 (Lowest)",
    "1" : "1 (Highest)",
    "2" : "2 (High)",
    "4" : "4 (Low)",
    "5" : "5 (Lowest)"

logger = dcu.getLogger()
charset = "UTF-8"

class PDFException(Exception):

def getCredentials(sessionKey, namespace):
      ent = entity.getEntity('admin/alert_actions', 'email', namespace=namespace, owner='nobody', sessionKey=sessionKey)
      if 'auth_username' in ent and 'clear_password' in ent:
          return ent['auth_username'], ent['clear_password']
   except Exception, e:
      logger.error("Could not get email credentials from splunk, using no credentials. Error: %s" % (str(e)))

   return '', ''

def getJobMessages(searchid, sessionKey):
        # try to get the job status immediately without retry
        job = search.getJob(searchid, sessionKey=sessionKey, message_level='warn', status_fetch_timeout=0)
        return job.messages
    except Exception, e:
         logger.error("Could not get job status for searchId=%s, Error: %s" % (searchid, str(e)))

    return {} 

def toBool(strVal):
   if strVal == None:
       return False

   lStrVal = strVal.lower()
   if lStrVal == "true" or lStrVal == "t" or lStrVal == "1" or lStrVal == "yes" or lStrVal == "y" :
       return True 
   return False

def isASCII(str):
    for i in str:
        if ord(i) > 127:
            return False
    return True

def escape(str, plainTextMode):
    if plainTextMode: 
       return str
    return saxutils.escape(str)

def renderJobMessages(messages, plainTextMode):
    result = '' 
    for k,v in messages.items():
       result += 'Message Level: ' + k.upper() + '\n'
       i = 1
       for m in v:
           result += str(i) + '. ' +  escape(m, plainTextMode) + '\n'  
           i      += 1    
       result + '\n'
    if len(result) > 0:
       result = '\n-- Search generated the following messages -- \n' + result

    return result

def unquote(val):
    if val is not None and len(val) > 1 and val.startswith('"') and val.endswith('"'):
       return val[1:-1]
    return val

def getarg(argvals, name, defaultVal=None):
    return unquote(argvals.get(name, defaultVal)) 

EMAIL_DELIM = re.compile('\s*[,;]\s*')
def mail(argvals, settings, bodytext=''):

    serverURL  = getarg(argvals, "server", "localhost")
    sender     = getarg(argvals, "from", "splunk")
    to         = getarg(argvals, "to" , None)
    cc         = getarg(argvals, "cc" , None)
    bcc        = getarg(argvals, "bcc", None)
    subject    = getarg(argvals, "subject" , "Splunk Results")
    format     = getarg(argvals, "format"  , "html")
    importance = getarg(argvals, "priority", None)
    inline     = getarg(argvals, "inline"  , "true").lower()
    plainText  = format != "html"
    sendresults = toBool(getarg(argvals, "sendresults"  , "false")) 
    sendpdf     = toBool(getarg(argvals, "sendpdf"  , "false")) 
    pdfview     = getarg(argvals, "pdfview"  , "") 
    searchid    = getarg(argvals, "searchid"  , None)
    use_ssl     = toBool(getarg(argvals, "use_ssl"  , "false"))
    use_tls     = toBool(getarg(argvals, "use_tls"  , "false"))
    username    = getarg(argvals, "username"  , "")
    password    = getarg(argvals, "password"  , "")
    sessionKey  = settings.get('sessionKey', None)

    # fetch credentials from the endpoint if none are supplied or password is encrypted
    if (len(username) == 0 and len(password) == 0) or password.startswith('$1$') :
         namespace  = settings.get("namespace", None)
         username, password = getCredentials(sessionKey, namespace)

    # use the Header object to specify UTF-8 msg headers, such as subject, to, cc etc
    message = MIMEMultipart()
    if isASCII(subject):
        message['Subject'] = subject
        message['Subject'] = Header(subject, charset)

    recipients = []
    if to:
        message['To'] = to

    if sender:
        message['From'] = sender

    if cc:
       for addr in EMAIL_DELIM.split(cc):
           message['Cc'] = addr

    if bcc:
       for addr in EMAIL_DELIM.split(bcc):
           message['Bcc'] = addr

    # Clear leading / trailing whitespace from recipients
    recipients = [r.strip() for r in recipients]

    if importance:
        # look up better name
        val = importanceMap.get(importance.lower(), None)
        # unknown value, use value user supplied
        if val == None:
            val = importance
        message['X-Priority'] = val

    intro = ''

    # write out a condensed body if we are just delivering a PDF snapshot
    # of a view/URI
    if pdfview:
        intro += 'Scheduled view delivery.\n\nA PDF snapshot has been generated for the view: %s.\n\n' % pdfview

       # intro += "Saved search results.\n\n"

        if settings != None:
            user  = settings.get("user", None)
            if user:
                intro += "User: \'" + escape(user, plainText) + "\'\n"

        #ssName = getarg(argvals, "ssname", None)
        #if ssName:
        #    intro += "Name: \'" + escape(ssName, plainText) + "\'\n"

        #query = getarg(argvals, "ssquery", None)
        #if query:
         #   intro += "Query Terms: \'" + escape(query, plainText) + "\'\n"

        #ssLink = getarg(argvals, "sslink", None)
        #if ssLink and not plainText:
            ssLink = "<a href=\"" + ssLink + "\">" + ssLink + "</a>"

        #if ssLink:
         #   intro += "Link to results: " + ssLink + "\n";

        #ssSummary = getarg(argvals, "sssummary", None)
        #if ssSummary:
         #   intro += "Alert was triggered because of: \'" + escape(ssSummary, plainText) + "\'\n"

    bodyformat = "html"
    if plainText:
        bodyformat = "plain"

    # create the body of the email and attach or inline results if required. Make sure to #
    # adhere to the requested format and proper tag balancing.                            #

    body = StringIO.StringIO()

    pdf = None
    errorLines = []

    if sendpdf:
            # will raise an Exception on error
            pdf = generatePDF(getarg(argvals, "sslink", None), subject, searchid, settings, pdfview)
        except PDFException, e:
            errorLines.append("An error occurred while generating a PDF of this report:")           
            logger.error("An error occurred while generating a PDF of this report: %s" % e) 

    if sendresults and toBool(settings.get('truncated')):
       intro += '\nNOTE: Search results in this email might have been truncated. Please visit the search job page to view the full resultset\n'

    intro += renderJobMessages(getJobMessages(searchid, sessionKey), plainText)

    if not plainText:
        intro = intro.replace("\n", "\n<BR> \n") + "<BR><BR>\n"

    if toBool(inline)  or inline == "none" or not sendresults:

        # inline the results if required to 
        if inline != "none" and sendresults:

        if errorLines:
            if plainText:
                body.write("<BR><BR> \n\n")
                body.write("<BR>\n".join([saxutils.escape(err) for err in errorLines]))

        # correctly close the html if we're not in plaintext mode
        if not plainText:
        message.attach(MIMEText(body.getvalue(), bodyformat, _charset=charset))
        attachStr = "\nSearch results attached:\n\n"; 

        if errorLines:
            attachStr += "\n\n"
            if plainText:
                attachStr += "\n".join(errorLines)
                attachStr += "\n".join([saxutils.escape(err) for err in errorLines])

        if not plainText:
           attachStr = attachStr.replace("\n", "\n<BR>\n") + "</BODY></HTML>"

        message.attach(MIMEText(body.getvalue(), bodyformat, _charset=charset))

        # now attach the results as a separate file

        filename = "splunk-results.csv"

        mimetype = "text"
        subtype = "csv"

        attachment = MIMEBase(mimetype, subtype)

        attachment.add_header('Content-Disposition', 'attachment', filename=filename)

    if pdf:

    mail_log_msg = 'Sending email. subject="%s", results_link="%s", recepients="%s"' % (
        getarg(argvals, "sslink", None),

        # make sure the sender is a valid email address
        if sender.find("@") == -1:
           sender = sender + '@' + socket.gethostname()
           if sender.endswith("@"):
              sender = sender + 'localhost'

        # send the mail
        if not use_ssl:
            smtp = smtplib.SMTP(serverURL)
            smtp = smtplib.SMTP_SSL(serverURL)

        if use_tls:

        if len(username) > 0:
           smtp.login(username, password)

        smtp.sendmail(sender, recipients, message.as_string())
        #log an info message only if eveything passes
    except Exception, e:
        #else log the same message at an error level

def numsort(x, y):
    if y[1] > x[1]:
        return -1
    elif x[1] > y[1]:
        return 1
        return 0

# sort columns from shortest to largest
def getSortedColumns(results, width_sort_columns):
    if len(results) == 0:
        return []

    columnMaxLens = {}
    for result in results:
        for k,v in result.items():
            # ignore attributes that start with "_"
            if k.startswith("_") and k!="_raw" and k!="_time":
            newLen = len(str(v))
            oldMax = columnMaxLens.get(k, -1)

            #initialize the column width to the length of header (name)
            if oldMax == -1:
                columnMaxLens[k] = oldMax = len(k)
            if newLen > oldMax:
                columnMaxLens[k] = newLen

    colsAndCounts = []
    # sort columns iff asked to
    if width_sort_columns:
       colsAndCounts = columnMaxLens.items()
       for k,v in results[0].items():         
          if k in columnMaxLens:
             colsAndCounts.append([k, columnMaxLens[k]]) 

    return colsAndCounts

def pad(count):
    padding = ""
    for i in range(0, count):
        padding += ' '
    return padding

def generateTextResults(results, width_sort_columns):
    columnMaxLens = getSortedColumns(results, width_sort_columns)
    text = ""
    space = " "*4

    # output column names
    for col, maxlen in columnMaxLens:
        val = col
        padsize = maxlen - len(val)
        text += val + pad(padsize) + space
    text += "\n" + "-"*len(text) + "\n"
    # output each result's values
    for result in results:
        for col, maxlen in columnMaxLens:
            val = result.get(col, "")
            padsize = maxlen - len(val)
            # left justify ALL the columns
            text += val + pad(padsize) + space
        text += "\n"
    return text

def generateHTMLResults(results):
    text = "<table border=1>\n<tr>"

    if  len(results) != 0:
            cols = []
            for k,v in results[0].items():
               # ignore attributes that start with "_"
               if k.startswith("_") and k!="_raw" and k!="_time":

            # output column names
            for col in cols:
                text += "<th>" + col + "</th>"
            text += "</tr>\n"
            # output each result's values
            for result in results:
                text += "<tr valign=top>"
                for col in cols:
                    val = result.get(col, "")
                    escval = saxutils.escape(val)
                    text += "<td><pre>" + escval + "</pre></td>"
                text += "</tr>\n"
            text += "</table>"
    return text

def esc(val):
    return val.replace("\n", "\\n").replace("\r", "\\r").replace("\t", "\\t")

def generateCSVResults(results):
    if len(results) == 0:
        return ''

    header = []
    s      = cStringIO.StringIO()
    w      = csv.writer(s)

    if "_time" in results[0] : header.append("_time")
    if "_raw"  in results[0] : header.append("_raw")

    # for backwards compatibility remove all internal fields except _raw and _time
    for k in results[0].keys():
       if k.startswith("_") :

    # output each result's values
    for result in results:
        row = [esc(result.get(col,"")) for col in header]
    return s.getvalue()

def generateRawResults(results):
    str = splunk.Intersplunk.rawresultsToString(results)
    if(len(str) == 0):
        str = "The results contain no '_raw' field. Please choose another result emailing format (csv, plain or html)."

    return str

def renderTime(results):
   for result in results:
      if "_time" in result:
              result["_time"] = time.ctime(float(result["_time"]))

def sendEmail(results, settings):
    keywords, argvals = splunk.Intersplunk.getKeywordsAndOptions() 

    if not ('graceful' in argvals):
        argvals['graceful'] = 0

    if getarg(argvals, "to") == None:
        return dcu.getErrorResults(results, argvals['graceful'], "missing required argument: to. Please specify at least on email recipient as: \"\"")

    if 'subject' in argvals and '_ScheduledView__' in argvals['subject']:
        argvals['subject'] = argvals['subject'].replace('_ScheduledView__', '')

    if len(results) == 0:
        msgText = "No results."
        format = getarg(argvals, "format", "html").lower()

        # always attach in CSV format
        if not toBool(getarg(argvals, "inline", "true") ):
           format = "csv"
       # if inlining results render _time to something user readable

        # see if we need to sort fields by widht (in text mode only) 
        width_sort_columns = toBool(argvals.get("width_sort_columns", "true"))

        if format == "raw":
            msgText = generateRawResults(results)
        elif format == "html":
            msgText = generateHTMLResults(results)
        elif format =="csv":
            msgText = generateCSVResults(results)        
            msgText = generateTextResults(results, width_sort_columns)

#       if not toBool(getarg(argvals, "sendresults", "false") ):
#           msgText=''

        mail(argvals, settings, msgText)
    except Exception, e:
        #import traceback
        #stack   = traceback.format_exc()
        results = dcu.getErrorResults(results, argvals['graceful'], str(e) + ' while sending mail to: ' + getarg(argvals, "to"))
    return results

def generatePDF(sslink, subject, searchid, settings, pdfview):
    Reach out and retrieve a PDF copy of the search results if possible
    and return the MIME attachment
    sessionKey = settings.get('sessionKey', None)
    owner = settings.get('owner', 'nobody')'sslink=%s searchid=%s settings=%s' % (sslink, searchid, settings))
    if not (sslink and sessionKey):
        raise PDFException("Can't attach PDF - either ssLink or sessionKey unavailable")

    # send the report request to the appserver running on the host serving the content
    ss_scheme, ss_netloc, ss_path, ss_query, ss_fragment = urlparse.urlsplit(sslink)

    # Find the root prefix if the appserver is mounted on a prefix other than /
    prefix = ss_path[:ss_path.index('/app/')] 
    server = "%s://%s%s/en-US/report/" % (ss_scheme, ss_netloc, prefix)

    pdfviewfn = pdfview and pdfview.strip(' .:;|><\'"')

    datestamp = time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')

    if pdfviewfn:
        filename = '%s-%s.pdf' % (pdfviewfn[:50], datestamp)
        # strip control characters, forward & backslash
        filename = re.sub(r'[\x00-\x1f\x7f/\\]+', '-', filename)
        if isinstance(filename, unicode):
            filename = ('utf-8', '', filename.encode('utf-8'))
        filename = 'splunk-report-%s.pdf' % datestamp

    if pdfview:
        app = ss_path[len(prefix):].split('/')[2]
        target = "%s://%s%s/app/%s/%s" % (ss_scheme, ss_netloc, prefix, app, pdfview)
        # assume that no doc fragments are used here
        if ss_query:
            target = sslink + '&media=print'
            target = sslink + '?media=print'

    try:"sendemail opening PDF request to appserver at %s" % server)
        # Ensure compatibility with systems with supportSSLV3Only=tru
        response = urllib2.urlopen(server, urllib.urlencode({
            'request_path' : target,
            'session_key' : sessionKey,
            'owner': owner,
            'title' : subject
            }), TIMEOUT)
    except urllib2.HTTPError, e:
        msg =
        if msg and msg[0]=='>':
            raise PDFException("Failed to generate PDF: %s" % msg[1:])
            raise PDFException("Failed to contact appserver at %s: %s" % (server, e))
    except Exception, e:
        raise PDFException("Failed to fetch PDF from appserver at %s: %s" % (server, e))

    headers =
    #logger.debug('Response headers: %s' % headers)
    if headers['Content-Type']!='application/pdf':
        logger.error("Didn't receive PDF from Report Server")
        raise PDFException("Didn't receive PDF from Report Server")

    data =
    mpart = MIMEApplication(data, 'pdf')
    mpart.add_header('content-disposition', 'attachment', filename=filename)'Generated PDF for email')
    return mpart

results, dummyresults, settings = splunk.Intersplunk.getOrganizedResults()
results = sendEmail(results, settings)
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Re: sendemail - External search command 'sendemail' returned error code 1


take a look in splunkd.log.....or run it manually by executing $SPLUNKHOME/bin/splunk cmd python / and see what is reported

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Re: sendemail - External search command 'sendemail' returned error code 1


its not throwing any error nor showin any result ..

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Re: sendemail - External search command 'sendemail' returned error code 1


then this could be like asking the magic glass ball for help 🙂
start splunk's python and enter line by line some error must be thrown somewhere or pastebin your script..

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Re: sendemail - External search command 'sendemail' returned error code 1


Hi MuS..Updated the script..i havent done much changes to the existing script ..jus commented few lines to code to hide the searchname,searchsummary appearing in the email...can you pls help me in understanding the error ?

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Re: sendemail - External search command 'sendemail' returned error code 1


I'll look at it, but cannot give you any timeframe.....

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Re: sendemail - External search command 'sendemail' returned error code 1


ok, I have no idea what you did but I get this error:

command="email", local variable 'ssLink' referenced before assignment while sending mail to

and by looking at your script, it also looks like some comments are having a wrong indentation.

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Re: sendemail - External search command 'sendemail' returned error code 1


Rakesh did you comment all the "intro"? This give the error when it is not able to generate a valid result set / it get s zero result from the search. Please replace the python script from the search app and see if the results are being sent. You can always debug with the help of splunkd.log to customize the file again.

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Re: sendemail - External search command 'sendemail' returned error code 1


Thanks Mus and linu1988..i have re modified the script..and now its working fine for me..:).

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Re: sendemail - External search command 'sendemail' returned error code 1


can you post the solution to be shared?

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