"No spec file for" errors for the default configuration of Add-on


When I was about to deploy add-on directory from cluster-master to indexers, I got a lot of "No spec file for" errors.
I didn't change for default configuration so I don't know why I got the errors.

I checked the other environment which is installed same add-on as the above using "splunk btool check --debug" command then I got the same messages.

The error messages were below;

./splunk btool check --debug | grep -v Checking
No spec file for: /opt/splunk/etc/users/admin/splunkappdbconnect/local/dbx-ui-conn-prefs.conf
No spec file for: /opt/splunk/etc/users/admin/splunk
No spec file for: /opt/splunk/etc/users/admin/splunkappfornix/local/nixviewprefs.conf
No spec file for: /opt/splunk/etc/users/admin/splunk
No spec file for: /opt/splunk/etc/apps/SplunkTAjmx/local/jmxservers.conf
No spec file for: /opt/splunk/etc/apps/Splunk
No spec file for: /opt/splunk/etc/apps/SplunkTAjmx/local/jmx_templates.conf

Please kindly tell me how to resolve the above.

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Hi tom8h,

Late reply but I just solve this for us two days ago.
First of all, those are just warnings so no worries.

You can remove that by adding an empty file XXX.spec in the README directory
for the first one, it would be /opt/splunk/etc/users/admin/splunkappdb_connect/REAMDE/dbx-ui-conn-prefs.conf.spec

Best Regards,