I just create a new sourcetype and was wondering what makes up this text file? I see

pulldown_type = 1

What does No_bianary_check? pulldown_type mean?

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to put it simple
NO_BINARY_CHECK=FALSE - will check for binaries
we usally set to true since we ingest raw files

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I am looking at same attribute and in 15 minutes cannot get it whether it is me or Splunk's missing sense as it is not the first time.

When I see NO_ I expect behaviour as Do Not and if =true then Do Not !!!
but Specs file at /README/ says "* When set to true, Splunk software processes binary files."

so I am confused as it is two contrary statements .

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If set to true, it will not check whether the file is binary OR not. It will just process it.
However if set to false it will check whether the file is binary or not. And if it's binary, Not to process the same.

It's like, (-)(-) = (+).

Hope you understand.

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This is covered in the docs.

NO_BINARY_CHECK = [true|false]
* When set to true, Splunk processes binary files.
* Can only be used on the basis of [<sourcetype>], or [source::<source>], not [host::<host>].
* Defaults to false (binary files are ignored).

pulldown_type = <bool>
* Internal field used for user-interface control of source types.
* Defaults to empty.

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@abwc, it's saying "no" as in "don't perform the check seeing if the file is binary or not. Attempt to index it no matter what."

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I'm here today, trying to answer the question "is the props.conf help file wording wrong here, or am I misunderstanding some double-negatives ?"

NO_BINARY_CHECK: is this the negative of BINARY_CHECK ?

What is the meaning of "NO_" here ? Is this 'NO' as in "DON'T" ?

If so, then setting this to TRUE should mean Splunk does NOT process binary files.

But the clarifying bullets indicate the opposite.

So who is getting tripped-up in double-negatives here, me ?... or is it Splunk ?!...

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