problem with installing splunk enterprise on centos

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Dear all

about one week a go I insatalled and used splunk light without any problem.

but yesterday I wanted to install splunk enterprise, but I faced problems. I used this manual:
" "
for installation but when I want to start splunk, I've got some errors, at first " -bash: cd: bin: No such file or directory " or sometimes "-bash: /bin/splunk: No such file or directory"

I don't know what to do

I will appreciate in advanced if you could help me


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It looks like it did not create a /bin folder when you installed it. I would recommend you try to re-install and verify there's a SPLUNK_HOME/bin directory. You will then start Splunk from here

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Where did you try to start Splunk from? If you browse to $SPLUNK_HOME/bin/ you can run the following:

./splunk start
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