new apps ?

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I was trying to find apps /systems we currently use but found none... ;-(

Glassfish open source Application server
Netasq firewalls
EJBCA (open source PKI)
Alcatel network switches
Jcms CMS (made by jalios running on top of a J2EE Glassfish Srv)

Any chance to get these taken into account ?

best regards.

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Re: new apps ?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

It really depends on the community in terms of what templates get added on Splunkbase. And yes, those will give you a head start to getting fields extracted and creating some views for you, but the great thing is that you can get data from all of those systems into Splunk and start using it. I would suggest going through the docs ( and starting to get that data into Splunk. There is even the Interactive Field Extractor to generate regex for you in order create fields that you can use. The beauty with the way Splunk works, is that you'll create those fields at search time so you can play with the data to get it the way you want it.

Once you get some interesting views you can create your own app and post it for everyone to use.