list all datamodels with the feeds (index, sourcetype)


Is there an easy way of showing list of all used datamodels and with which are coming in (index, sourcetype)?
So far I can do a search on each datamodel and get the indexes, but this means I have to do this separately on every datamodel.

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I found this way to be somewhat effective

| datamodel 
| rex field=_raw "\"modelName\"\s*\:\s*\"(?<modelName>[^\"]+)\"" 
| fields modelName 
| table modelName 
| map maxsearches=40 search="tstats `summariesonly` count from datamodel=$modelName$ by sourcetype,index | eval modelName=\"$modelName$\""
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Outstanding, Jaime. Thanks for sharing. Without any modification to your search, I was able to copy/paste and find the answer.

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Worked for me thanks.

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here is a way on how to do it, but you need to add all the datamodels manually:

| tstats `summariesonly` count from datamodel=datamodel1 by sourcetype,index 
| eval DM="Datamodel1" 
| append 
    [| tstats `summariesonly` count from datamodel=datamodel2 by sourcetype,index 
    | eval DM="datamodel2"] 
| append 
    [| tstats `summariesonly` count from datamodel=datamodel3 by sourcetype,index 
    | eval DM="datamodel3"] 
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