issue with VMSTAT data coming from OS logs

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Hi All,

Can you please help me to extract the fields and related data from vmstat logs which are coming into splunk,Below the logs lines:

memTotalMB memFreeMB memUsedMB memFreePct memUsedPct pgPageOut swapUsedPct pgSwapOut cSwitches interrupts forks processes threads loadAvg1mi waitThreads interrupts_PS pgPageIn_PS pgPageOut_PS
7000 xx8 xxx5 9.4 90.6 1561978416 100.0 85616943 4002987866 3965557908 66831877 250 3251 11.04 9.04 27902.02 48.24 2132.66

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Are you looking for help interpreting the data, i.e., what each numerical field represents? Or are you looking for help with parsing into individual fields?

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