i need and when a splunk agent goes down or stops


i have 30 servers, out of which I want to monitor splunk agents of only 4 servers

i have the following query.

index=_internal data_host=server1 OR data_host=server2 OR data_host=server3 OR data_host=server4 | stats count by data_host

how to create alert for the server which doesn't show up in the result table?
Alert should contain the server name which is not/stopped reporting data to splunk controller

For example:- server2 went down or the splunk agent of server2 went down for some reason.
Alert should say "Server2 is not reporting data"

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@rndp89 by Splunk Agent do you mean when Universal Forwarders on Deployment Clients stop working?

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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hey try this

| metadata type=hosts index=* OR index=_internal 
| eval age = now() - recentTime 
| eval status= case(age < 1800,"Running",age > 1800,"DOWN") 
| convert ctime(recentTime) AS LastActiveOn 
| eval age=tostring(age,"duration") 
| eval host = upper(host) 
| table host age LastActiveOn status 
| rename host as "Forwarder Name", age as "Last Heartbeat(min)",LastActiveOn as "Last Active On",status as Status 
| where Status= "DOWN"

OR you can have a look at this answer:

let me know if this helps!

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