how to only check events from the latest source file

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I have a boat load of log files, whose name contains the timestamp, like this :

I only want to check the event in the latest file, so I tried following command:
index="-cli" source="show_cpu" | stats latest(source) by deviceId,fiveMinutes,timeStamp*

Unfortunately, the search results contains the events from other source file.

Please help out.

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Try this, assuming the all events from the source have the same

base search | eventstats max(_indextime) as it | where it=_time
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Hi...I tried the answer which you provided...It didn't there any other way...

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check this one -

index="-cli" | stats latest(source) by host,deviceId,fiveMinutes,timeStamp*

if above wont work, then check these two-

    <pre>index="-cli" | stats latest(source) by host</pre>


index="-cli" [search index="-cli" | stats latest(source) by host| table source] | table deviceId,fiveMinutes,timeStamp*

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Hi @inventsekar ..I tried the solution which u provided...It didnot work is there any other solution

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