how to get current user's timezone in html


Can you help me to get the timezone of current logged in user.

I am able to get the username by below command,
var currentUser =Splunk.util.getConfigValue("USERNAME");

Likewise, any specific command to get users timezone. When i tried with below, it is giving same results for any timezone.

offset = Splunk.util.getServerTimezoneOffset();

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With these, the zone prints entire date.

I need the timezone string to pass to another URL as parmeter.

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The example in the documentation for getServerTimezoneOffset() is

var serverOffsetSeconds = Splunk.util.getServerTimezoneOffset();

Could it be that you are just missing the var declaration


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No, Even I used 'var' get the same results.

Is there any util function exists to get tz like "username"

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Hi arcotdeepika,

I haven't seen specific function like Splunk.util.getServerTimezoneOffset().

So can you please try below javascript?

var SearchManager = require("splunkjs/mvc/searchmanager");

var mysearch = new SearchManager({
    id: 'search1',
    app: 'search',
    cache: false,
    search: '| makeresults | eval zone = strftime(now(),"%Z %z")' // changes datetime format as per your requirement.

var myResults ="results");
myResults.on("data", function()  {
    var zone =[0][0];
    console.log(zone); // You will get zone
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