how do i query all events with ID4738 for a specific user?

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how do i query all events with windows ID 4738 for a specific user

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If you do not have the windows TA installed, you can do something quick and dirty, like:
That will find your event ID, but to get the user name, you will need a fairly complex regex query using the rex command, because there are two "Account Name:"'s in the log, and you are probably looking for the second one. If you can use the Windows TA, it would probably be best to use that. Or follow gpradeepkumarreddy's advice, and just use:

index=<your_index> "EventCode=4738" "Account Name:*?<user_name>"
  • edited to insert "?", typo-ed it.
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can you paste some sample events ? It might be as simple as below provided you have all the fields extracted

index=your_index user="your_user" ID="4738" 
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index = your_index EventCode = 4738 user = yourUniqueUser
do you use the Windows TA?

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