help on dropdown list in an apps



I use a dropdown list in every dashboards of my apps

    <input type="dropdown" token="tok_filtersite" searchWhenChanged="true">
        <query>| inputlookup toto.csv 
| fields SITE
| dedup SITE 
| table SITE 
| sort +SITE</query>

Every time I open a dashboard from my nav menu, the dropdown list is on going updating
So I waste time
I need a solution in order to update this dropdown list just one time even if I open a new dashboard
Is anybody can help me please??

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First, remove the autorun option by editing the conditions you receive as a dropdown in your dashboard edit.

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its not my need
If i put autoRun="false" the dropdown list will be not updated if I am not mistaken?
what I need is that the dropdown list is updated in my main dashboard and that the value of the dropdown list are automatically updated in other dropdown list....
Or to run them all even if i just open one dashboard

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