forwarder put data into wrong index


'sourcetype=udp:514' data should put into one same index, but it put part of data to main and another part of data to index "lnv_net"

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You should set inputs.conf with index=<indexname> so that the data coming from this input will end up destined for the specified index. If the data is ending up in two different places, perhaps the data is older and from a point where you hadn't defined the index where you wanted to see the data? If that is the case, you can't selectively move data from one index to another, so your data will remain in the original index. If you set up this input and you see current data ending up in two indexes, you've probably got a transform to route the data into another index someplace in your configuration.

You can look at your btool output to determine if any of these things is occurring. Run the following command from $SPLUNK_HOME/bin/ on the indexer if you're using a UF/LWF, or on the heavy forwarder, if that is what your using.

'splunk cmd btool inputs list --debug > ~/inputs.out'
'splunk cmd btool props list --debug > ~/props.out'
'splunk cmd btool transforms list --debug > ~/transforms.out'


What does your inputs.conf look like? What about props.conf?
Do you have more than one inputs.conf or props.conf? (You probably do and you may need to look at several of them...)

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Does it show up correctly on the host machine or are you using a light forwarder? What OS and what version Splunk?

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You need to provide much more information if you want help.