erex or IFE with comma


How do I use the IFA or even better erex and specify mutiple values that contain a comma? I've tried putting them in quotes etc but doesn't seem to work.

I really just trying to extract a date from our logs which starts with the year and ends in 00

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When doing field extraction, Splunk may look at fields containing commas as "multi-valued" fields - or not, depending on your configuration.

erex might not be a good choice for dealing with this, because it uses commas to separate the sample values. For the example that @garywiner provided, this will work

| rex field=_raw "Name=(?<lastname>.+?)\,(?<firstname>.+?)\;"

This creates two fields, lastname and firstname... You could use a similar regular expression in a props.conf EXTRACT to make these fields permanent.

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Can you post an example of the data that you are working with - and how the field should be extracted? I think this would be easier with a concrete example.

BTW, I think you mean the IFX (Interactive Field Extractor).

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Same question, but something even simpler. The field contains "lastname,firstname".

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