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Hi all,

We use google apps in the office and it requires ssl/tls. Splunk does not seem to be able to cope with this; does anyone else have email alerts working with google apps, and if so, how?

We're running splunk on linux so I suppose configuring a local MTA is an option, but this seems like a lot of apparatus. We've only just finished turning off all the internal mail servers 🙂

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You could edit and modify (or replace with a new script), but really, a local anonymous MTA is probably easiest. It's not actually very much work at all on Linux/Unix type platforms, as they'll have postfix or sendmail available. All you'd need to do it configure them to forward on to your google mail servers. (I have this set up on my own Mac, using postfix with gmail, and ) I haven't configured the Windows SMTP server in recent versions, but it you should also be able to be enable and configure it to do the same pretty simply.

Please see: and the links referenced from there, or otherwise search the web for "gmail outbound smtp relay", as this appears to be a common requirement.

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