eStreamer eNcore Compatibility Question


I have Splunk currently running on version 6.6.3. I am upgrading Splunk Core from 6.6.3 to version 7.0. However, I have two questions that I can hopefully get answers to:

  1. Is the "Cisco eStreamer eNcore Add-on for Splunk" compatible with Splunk Core 7.0?
  2. Is the "Cisco Firepower eNcore App for Splunk" compatible with Splunk Core 7.0?

On Splunkbase, the app and the add-on do not list Splunk version 7.0 as a compatible version. Is it safe to assume that the app and add-on will work on Splunk version 7.0?

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Re: eStreamer eNcore Compatibility Question

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Hey Luongg,

Yes there should be no issues with these apps working after you've upgraded. I've installed them on other environments which are running Splunk 7.x and haven't had any issues.

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