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Dear Everyone,

I have the tool called siteanalytix. which shows the web analytix report for web sites.
Like that i want to develop a app with splunk like Web Intelligence. May i know how to develop this and from where i to have start?

Can any one help me on this.

thanks and regards,
Gajanan Hiroji.

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Re: develop app using splunk


You can study this for yourself by downloading the Splunk Dashboard Examples app, the Web Intelligence app (and others). Study them while reading the manuals: Developing Views and Apps for Splunk Web and the Splunk Data Visualizations Manual.

The Sideview Utils app is a very popular tool for Splunk app developers. You should certainly consider it, as it provides a lot of enhanced capabilities. It also can be downloaded from Splunkbase. Read the license carefully if you want to distribute your app.

In addition, I think you would find it very worthwhile to take the class: Developing Apps with Splunk
There are prerequisites, but you can find out more at the link. [Disclaimer - I work at Splunk as an Instructor. But I hope that others would agree that the class is worthwhile.]

You might also want to check out the free videos to learn more about Splunk:

Finally, if you want to actually write code that uses a Splunk SDK or the API, check out, which has a number of resources for developers.

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