cross files csv as to as rechercheV in excel

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hello every body,
my question is:

If i have 2 csv files in Splunk
One with the list of servers
The other antivirus coverage of servers
Is it possible to cross the files in order to find the servers that have antivirus cover among those of my list

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Assuming both files use host as the field name, search like this:

| inputcsv AntiVirusResults | eval source="AV"
| appendpipe [| inputcsv ServerList | eval source="SL" ]
| stats dc(source) AS numSources values(source) AS sources BY host

Then add this to show hits:

| search numSources=2

Or add this to show misses:

| search sources="SL" AND numSources=1
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You can join based on the servername and then check the antivirus coverage -

| inputlookup serverlist.csv | table servername | lookup server_antivirusdetails.csv servername OUTPUT antivirus_version | fillnull value="NA" antivirus_version

Here servername is common field between 2 lookups. Places where there are no match, the antivirus_version will be set as "NA"

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