click jacking protection options?

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Hello Splunksters,

Well I am trying to keep a bit of security to avoid click-jacking, though find myself in a pickle..

I have found this link:

Though I would like to make slight mod and allow for a specific site to have access and not just allow all with the "False" setting.

Any ideas??

Could I use the " # external UI URIs " setting in the web.conf somehow?


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Splunk uses x frame options header sameorigin. I also want to use allow-from but that is not supported on browsers like chrome and safari.

If Splunk decided to use the header from Content-Security-Policy frame-ancestors, then you could state domains allowed.

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You can actually do this now, while etc/system/local/web.conf contains x_frame_options_sameorigin = false under the [settings] stanza, add

replyHeader.Content-Security-Policy = frame-ancestors self

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