allow-custom-value doesn't work in Splunk 7.2.3


I've built a custom alert action with a UI. One of my inputs is dynamic, and populated from a splunk search. Here is the markup in custom alert HTML file.

I need the ability to enter a custom value as well, but allow-custom-value has no impact. According to this code sample it should work:

<splunk-control-group label="THINGID">
        <splunk-search-dropdown name="action.myapp.param.thingid"
            search="host=things| sort thingid | table thingid thingnum| dedup thingid"
            label-field="thingnum" value-field="thingid" 
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Hi @asemle
This appears to be a bug and not working in version 7.2.1 and maybe other versions. What version are you running?

If you look at the bottom of this page: you can see others have reported it too. You should raise a support ticket to see if support can give you a workaround. I can't find any mention of this bug on the known issues page so it must be pretty new.

All the best.

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I tried but it looks like I don't have a support contract.

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