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I have a IP360 json formatted license for use in Splunk, can some tell me how this gets added in Splunk. It's not like adding a Splunk License.

thanks in advance

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi Dave!

I am not sure that the license gets added to Splunk at all...(Splunk licenses are xml)

Splunkbase notes that the tripwire apps are "Hosted Externally" and points you to tripwire for the download.

I would check for support or install instructions from Tripwire. Perhaps their customer portal? My google-fu has not returned any info on install steps beyond whats on splunkbase, and that makes no mention of license.

All I could find was this EULA making pretty clear Tripwire is on the hook for anything to do with the app, and the instructions on the splunkbase page:

I see that Splunk Answers user @JimWachhaus developed one of the tripwire apps...maybe he can help??

Hopefully tripwire can help you out! Be sure to post the answer when you find it!

Good Luck!

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