X axis label Rotation in JSchart


Hi EveryOne,

Newbie here, I just wanted to know how to change the orientation of x-axis labels in splunk 5?
I tried changing the JSCHART to FLASHCHART and add this "90" it's almost perfect but the chart is ruined in Flashchart.
So i turned it back to JSCHART, so my question is how can i change the x-axis labels orientation? Please help me Thanks in Advance!.

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Re: X axis label Rotation in JSchart

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Hi...I will explain how to rotate x axis name using JSCharts. We could rotate X axis label using true or false option. By default the value is false. you can use myChart.setAxisNameY('X Axis name',true);. Your x axis name will be rotate 90 degrees.

If you didn't give true option by default it will take as false. So you need to change to rotate x axis name.

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