Why changes to alerts are not being saved?


Couple of people experienced it in the past week -

When we make changes to the a Splunk alert, run it, and save it.
When we go back to the query, the changes are not saved and we have to redo it.

What can it be?

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1: You are saving it inside of an app that is being controlled by a Deployment Server and the local directory inside of that app on the DS has a savedsearches.conf. If so the DS will continuously overwrite your changes.
2: You are in a Search Head Cluster and the admin of the Deployer is pushing out apps and overwriting your stuff. This latter possibility is the less likely one because it means a human is doing this over and over, which is unlikely.


Sorry sorry @woodcock - at some point the changes are being saved.


I wonder whether the save action is being tracked, maybe in _audit?

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