Why are reports no longer working and how to segregate syslog data by IP address (firewall)?


hi all,

we are currently monitoring few firewalls and picking up the data from syslog (514).

I used to have this search running beautifully:

sourcetype="cisco:asa" action="blocked"| stats count as Count by src_ip | rename src_ip as "Source IP" | rename dest_ip as "Destination IP" | sort -Count

However, now everything seems to be coming from sourcetype syslog

My questions are:

1) Why has this (sourcetype="cisco:asa" ) stopped working?
2) How do I segregate the data coming from Syslog by IP address (firewall) and filter the events I want (e.g.: 106023)

Any comments are appreciated

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sourcetype="cisco:asa" action=Accessed | stats count as Count by srcip |dedup srcip |rename srcip as "Source IP" | rename destip as "Destination IP" | sort -Count

Try this query

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the issue is that sourcetype="cisco:asa" was working fine until 19 Jan....Then my colleague run the following in the firewall:

User 'enable_15', running 'CLI' from IP <> executed 'logging host inside <> format emblem'

from then the sourcetype became "syslog"

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Path Finder

Not sure about your first question but if you can't get your sourcetype working, could you use the host field to identify which firewall/ip is forwarding the events? And then filter out events as per

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