Who do you think gives the best Splunk Answers?

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Who do you think gives the best Splunk Answers? Why?

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@ehollima, potentially every member of the community is capable of providing the best answers. Refer to How to Answer Question section in Splunk Answers Documentation. Moreover, Splunk spans across so many areas/components/use cases and technologies that a single person may not be able to address/answer all the questions.

Splunk Answers community is very different from others like Stackoverflow as it beams only positive vibes as Splunkers from across the globe do their best to solve problems faced by fellow Splunkers. Refer to Splunk Community Guidelines.

Since Splunk Answers is Gamified, you can use Leaderboard to find Splunkers with Best Answers to an extent. But like I said virtually anyone can give best answer. Sometimes the best answer is not accepted or upvoted as they should, so if the question appeals to you with being an issue you are also facing or may be an interesting use case, you should spend sometime and read the answer. You can up vote answers/comments you like.

Following are some of the things you can refer to for identify the Splunk Answers leaders through its gamification:

  1. Splunk Answers Where Will Your Karma Take You content's monthly Winners: Here is the latest Winner from March 2018. You can also check out previous winners.

  2. Splunk Smart Answers Monthly publication: Here is the blog of 87th Installment published on 05/04. You should definitely check out previous Smart Answers.

  3. Splunk Users Karma Leaderboard can give you all time stars and budding stars 🙂

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