Where to find beta/upcoming splunk releases infos?

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Is there a way to be informed on timeline/features roadmap for next Splunk versions?
I heard "rumors" about PDF server being fully integrated and supported on Windows platform and this may have an impact on our plans for future Splunk usage.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Drainy is correct. We run private betas. Talk to your account executive about whether the beta program is right for you.

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Splunk will publicize beta versions on the blog or the main pages when they want to open up to a larger audience for testing. Otherwise most details are kept secret, especially timescales. The adage that it is done when its done is generally true, given the nature of the product they need to make sure its right before launch 🙂

As for your rumor, you should be pleasantly surprised in the next major version.

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