What's the most Splunk-tastic revelation you've experienced using analytics?

Have you stopped a cyber crime in mid act?
Have you helped a company save a fortune by cutting waste?
Have you helped them to be more productive?


What data sources did you assemble and layer onto each other?
How long did it take?

Thanks for listening

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I was able to measure a big problem and work through a solution for my last company using Splunk and likely saved a small fortune in producivity. Login times had become excessively long, causing nurses and physicians to spend time waiting to finish logging into our primary EHR application.

I collected data sources from Epic, two different performance monitoring solutions, WMI performance monitor and Citrix Profile manager.

I was able to demonstrate the relationship between a bloated roaming profile and the duration of the login as well as illustrate the changes as the profiles were slowly brought back down to size.

The end result is consisently faster login times and happier staff. Splunk is the only solution that can get into any source of data and visualize it to share with leadership.