What is browserconfig.xml in Splujnk and why user trying to access?

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In our access log of Splunk we found user access to the file browserconfig.xml which is not on the splunk server.

But why is a user accessing this file in Splunk but it is missing or how could the user find out this no-existing url ?

If the file is there - what's the purpose?


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Hi @tfechner,

Here's what this file is all about, it's mostly used for windows:
"Browser configuration files also known as browserconfig is used to define things like tile backgrounds, badge updates, and tile notifications. Browser configuration files let you set these images using external XML files rather than metadata within the HTML markup of a webpage."

If you see some users looking around for this file, it could be a sign of compromise, scan or even a bot searching for configuration files. I advise you to dig into this users activity to see what exactly it's been doing.


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