What is a good convention for config file organisation?


Something to ponder while working from home...

I am planning on storing and managing my config files in Git. We recently ran into a few confusions managing our props files where our support teams got confused about the same props file (containing extracts and line breaking) getting deployed on search heads and on indexers.

So I thought I would come up with a convention that aligns to splunks phases. As per below...

<company>_search_<app>  search app for user dashboards and  reports (not to be held in git at present)
<company>_data_<app>     (field extractsion, calculated fields)
<company>_parse_<app>    (props and transforms for line breaking, timestamping etc)
<deployment>_<p|t>_<app>_<sub_component>  (inputs, outputs etc)  very much environment specific

Does anyone else worry about this stuff like I seem to and have a suggestion?


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