What are other resources for public facing data that can be used to work with Splunk?

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I need to find any data such as log files to work with Splunk. This is a web site that could be useful.

Other suggestions?

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Hi criferr,
I'm not sure to have understood your request: do you need logs to learn to use Splunk?
If this is your request see the Splunk Tutorial that guides you to Splunk and gives also the logs to use:


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Splunk Employee

Are you looking for open data sets? There are so many. Just do an internet search for open data sets.

Here is a big list that you can look at:

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Path Finder

Many applications provide a public facing API that you can pull data from. One of my favorites is Zillow. Just google around and you'll find plenty of things that you can load into Splunk.

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here is a doc that explains getting data into splunk using apps or forwarders and whatnot. I'm not sure how useful this is to your question, exactly, but I thought it might help.

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