Web Intelligence error


I'm tryed the app Web Intelligence, but saving the Setup parameters I obtain the below error:

"An error occurred while rendering the page template. See web_service.log for more details"

Follow error on the web_service.log file:

  File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/webintelligence/appserver/templates/setup.html", line 27, in render_gen_text seq = [token.split('=')[1] for token in' OR ')]
  IndexError: list index out of range

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

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Re: Web Intelligence error

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This bug happens when there is a malformed entry in webintelligence/local/eventtypes.conf. It has been fixed in the next version of web intelligence that will be fixed at some point in the future.

As a temporary workaround to prevent the traceback, you can delete the webintelligence/local/eventtypes.conf, then edit webintelligence/appserver/templates/setup.html starting on line 25 as follows:

    from sets import Set
    seq = [token.split('=')[1] for token in' OR ')]
    set = Set(seq)
    tokenList = list(set)
    tokenLen = len(tokenList)
    tokenList = []
    tokenLen = 0

Can you tell me what was in you local/eventtypes.conf?

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