Viewstates Error when trying to save/clone/edit search


So we have a number of searches that cannot be saved or cloned due to viewstate errors. Many of them are accelerated and scheduled and I need to be able to edit them so that they run properly.

alt text

I have checked this answer HERE

I confirmed that my $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/search/metadata/default.meta file has the right entry for viewstates. As shown.
alt text

I have taken some of them and recreated them as new searches, and they saved just fine. Then I can delete them without issue.

What else might I try?


Re: Viewstates Error when trying to save/clone/edit search

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Go to the CLI on the Search Head, find the savedsearches.conf file that has the viewstate in it (if *nix, you can use find $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/ -name savedsearches.conf -exec grep -l hqfssli4 {} \;). Stop splunk, edit the file and REMOVE the viewstate line entirely, save it, restart splunk, enjoy. Make a backup of the file first.

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