Various sourcetypes but same type of log


here's my situation:

I have 4 kinds of directories. each directory represent a "Source"

nowhere in the logs that are in the directories do they hint about its Source
however, in each directory, the logs are formatted the same way, using the same field extractions.










I thought of 2 ways to do this:
1. Monitor all 4 directories and place in 2 sourcetype, error and event (based on above example). this saves time on field extractions, BUT, im unable to identify their source (terminal). (or is there any other way to identify source)
2. Monitor each directory separately. However, i have to apply field extractions to each sourcetype which might be a tedious operation if my directory starts to get bigger with more sources.

I wont mind the extra effort, but am posting this question to ask if there is any other way around this situation.

Thanks alot for your responses and thoughts.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You can leverage the same extractions by centrally placing one copy in a transforms.conf and referencing them from multiple REPORT statements in props.conf. If I understand the challenge correctly, it would be best to create two sourcetypes (one for each log format). You can still discern origin location in the search language via the source field.

sourcetype=custom_error_log source="C:\terminalD\*"

You could even create an eventtype based on source. There are a few other options whose pros & cons are discussed in a similar thread titled: "Way to insert/create field based on source"


i dont quite understand the transforms.conf explanation.

Thanks for the idea of using "source". ill see if i can mask the paths n get what i want.

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