Using Splunk to generate revenue internally


Hi All, I hope everyone is staying healthy out there! I was wondering if anyone had some insight or use cases examples for leveraging Splunk to generate revenue internally at your companies. We all know Splunk (Splunk Core specifically) and it's value in regards to ROI. (reduced downtime, ease of access to data across all data types, reduced labor costs, etc) However, I'm looking for some examples to use Splunk to specifically generate revenue (with exception of the obvious, alerting, reporting, dashboards on source data from network, application, db, etc) and implement a charge-back model. I've already tested the charge-back application available on splunkbase, however looking for some possible new use cases to expand on our BAU use cases internally.

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We have maintenance records in Splunk and can assign labor rate fees to that and sum labor and parts costs for assets. We can pinpoint the most historically expensive devices and target them for better maintenance or possible replacement.

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