Useful data in the VMware App (Alpha Release)

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

A question for our Splunk for VMware Alpha Program customers...

What have you found useful in Splunk for VMware data?

If you’ve installed the Splunk for VMware App alpha release, it would be good to know what you’ve found useful. The app provides access to a ton of data that few VMware admins have been able to see before, and I’m trying to collect specific examples of what’s most useful. These may be specific log messages that indicate particular issues, specific searches that you find provide useful correlations, or reports that you’ve built to show useful trends or metrics.

If you’ve found anything like this, please post!

Thanks, Curt

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The ability to correlate usage. I can generate perf data from multiple vCenters and show usage and flow in a way the VM/Storage SMES have never been abel to do. I found the simpleXML dashboard example app to be of great use. The 2 and 3 node sankey charts were easy to get working and were a big hit when I showed them off.

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